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You don't want to send a boring business proposal. And your prospects don't want to answer one. Send a web-based interactive proposal instead - and make everyone happy.

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Easy to use

Say good bye to boring word-templates and say hello to a smart and easy to use proposal editor.

No training needed. But if you ever need help, our support team is here to help you in the chat.

4h Yacht Tour

End your trip with a 4h yacht tour around the archipelago.

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Interactive Proposals

Send an interactive proposal and let your prospects customize their proposal.

With easy up-selling options your prospect can easily add optional products to their proposal. It's time to make everyone a winner.

From proposal to money in your account.
All in one app.

It got all the features you want to enable you to have a more efficient sales process and to close more deals: web-based business proposals, e-sign, auto-generated invoices, payment, up-selling, full opening-tracking, multi-language, team collaboration, intelligent follow-up suggestions.

Replace all your current apps




Google Drive


Post mail/E-mail


Google Drive



Follow-up on Conference 2020-08-20?

Now is a good time to follow-up. Click to view proposal.

Follow-up suggestions

With intelligence built in, the platform will learn when it is the best time to follow-up on your proposals in order to close more deals.

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Created with the sales team in mind. Get your entire sales team onboard and start working on sales as a team.

Proven to increase sales results

Let us help you increase your results. NordAccept is a proven tool to help increase sales.

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