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NordAccept is proposals, e-sign, and invoicing on the web.

And it’s got all the features you’d want to enable you to have a more efficient sales process and to close more deals: web-based business proposals, e-sign, auto-generated invoices, up-selling, full opening-tracking, multi-language, team collaboration, intelligent follow-up suggestions. But let’s cut right to what makes this one of the best sales tools on the market.

4 min

The average proposal creation time is about 4 minutes.


67% of proposals with up-selling options sell more.


26% of proposals are viewed within 1 hour on a mobile device.

A sales flow smoothly as silk.

Ready to start optimizing your sales flow? Create optimized proposals in no time. Style your document with your images, videos, and logo. Just click and add your saved products. Press send and wait for the deals to be closed and the invoice to be auto-generated.

PDFs are great for school work...

But proposals are meant to be e-signed on a mobile device. Give your clients a sales closing experience that will amaze them. When they expect a boring PDF, send them a beautiful interactive proposal straight to their email and collect a legally binding e-signature.

NordAccept is for the modern entrepreneur and sales team.

For you who want to go beyond boring PDFs. And that wants to get full control over the sales flow. It’s the tool that gives your sales a competitive edge.

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